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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

RFID Asset Tracking

The Elpas Asset Tracking Tag is an Active RFID Transmitter that provides accurate, real-time movement monitoring and location tracking of high value mobile assets that require additional levels of supervision.

Housed in a small unobtrusive, commercial grade form factor, the Asset Tracking Tag delivers real-time positioning data so that a host RTLS application or an integrated management platform can track and log the location, movement or status of assets anywhere within campus type environments.

For high security applications the Tag features instantaneous removal detection to help guard against unauthorized asset removal from secured building areas.

The Tag also includes a user programmable wireless call button, which when pressed transmits the tag’s positioning data that identifies its exact location in the facility or on campus.

The Tag can be linked to any compatible, environmental device to provide additional feedback on environmental conditions such as temperature, flooding or even bed wetting.

RFID environmental monitoring