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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

RFID environmental monitoring

The Tag can be linked to any compatible, environmental device to provide additional feedback on environmental conditions such as movement, temperature, flooding or even bed-wetting. This information can then be fed back to your control system and linked to CCTV, cause an email to be sent, buzzers to be sounded and the like. If used in combination with GPS tracking it is for example possible to track e.g. the temperature in a refrigerated container over a complete journey to ensure the temperature never dipped below the required temperature. Imagination is the only limit with environmental monitoring and companies are starting to wake up to the significant bottom line benefits that such monitoring allows. For example, such tags can remove the need for personnel on site to perform tests on equipment since the tag can be constantly monitoring the situation.


  • Triple-Tech RTLS technologies
  • Small, commercial-grade form factor (IP64)
  • Flexible mounting options
  • User programmable wireless call button
  • Continuous device & tamper supervision
  • LED status indicators
  • Long life, user replaceable battery
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • CE,FCC, IC compliant

Applications and Uses:

  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Asset usage optimization
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Environmental monitoring e.g water and temperature
  • Shrinkage prevention
  • Unauthorized handling deterrence
  • Movement logging and auditing
  • Hands-free access control
  • Exit / Entrance supervision