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Infant monitoring system

Infant Monitoring System

Infant Monitoring System

BabyMatch Infant Protection Solution

A Small Guardian Angel for Every Baby in Your Care

BabyMatch is an All Right Now RTLS Safety, Security and Visibility Solution that helps hospitals prevent baby abductions and unintentional baby mismatching in maternity and neonatal departments. BabyMatch reduces the need to continuously keep an eye on the whereabouts of each baby by automatically tracking the real-time location of infants from the time of delivery to the time of discharge.

How BabyMatch Works:
At the time of birth, a tamper proof Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Bracelet is placed on the baby’s ankle. This provides real-time, bassinet level, location awareness of the protected infants. Should there be an attempt to remove the protected infant from the secured area, without approval or authorized escort, the Active RFID Bracelet will trigger BabyMatch to alert personnel of the evolving security incident.

BabyMatch Infant Protection System Features

Highly Scalable Tag Capacity
Protects and monitors as many babies, mothers, plus staff and family members as required without risk to infant safety

Mother/Baby Matching Option
Prevents accidental baby switching; confirms that the mother is with the correct baby. Supports multiple births (twins, triplets etc.). The match test can be activated by the mother or a staff member.

Tamper Alerting
Automatically transmits location based security alerts upon any unauthorized attempt to remove the bracelet from the protected baby

Flexible Baby Escort Options
Permits the regular movement of mothers, staff and visitors in and out of the protected hospital unit, while preventing unauthorized infant transfers

Location Resolution
Provides sub-room and pinpoint near-exit location resolution

Easy-to-use Software
Enables staff to enroll and personalize new tags, track the location of tags, monitor security alerts, temporarily deactivate bracelets and discharge babies

Advanced System Supervision
Contains comprehensive device and software supervision with robust event audit and system log options

Upgradable & Scalable
From single-door installations to hospital-wide RTLS Solutions including pediatrics, staff/patient duress calls, staff utilization and medical asset management

Backend Integration
Supports 3rd party integration to security systems, work flow, patient care and billing platforms

System Reliability
Supports distributed local control which ensures that infants remain protected even when the network or server is offline

International Safety Compliance
CE, FCC, IC compliant. No EMI interference to hospital equipment