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Lone wandering patient

Lone wandering patient

patient wandering

About All Right Now Patient Wandering Patient solution

Keep Wandering Patients Safe & Secure

The ARN Door Kit is a cost-effective wandering resident & patient protection solution for ambulatory individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia or other high risk residents or patients. It is a pre-configured door monitoring and protection starter kit designed for senior care and healthcare facilities.

How the Wandering Patient Door Kit Works: The ARN Door Kit reduces the need to continuously supervise chronic wanderers or to excessively restrict their mobile independence. It permits regular movement of care givers, guests, other residents or family members through a protected doorway while preventing unsupervised wanderers from exiting through the door. Each wanderer is given an Elpas wrist tag which allows the individual free and unregulated movement within the interior of the building or residence. Should the wanderer approach the protected door through which he or she is not allowed to pass through unescorted, the ARN Door kit alert intervention functionality will auto trigger. Alternatively, the ARN Door Kit may be used as a solution to automate the unlocking of doors if hands free access is needed by residents restricted to wheelchairs.
Wandering Patient Door Kit Solution Features

All in One Kit
Includes all products needed to install a single door wandering resident & patient solution

The starter kit includes:
– Local Controller

– LF Exciter

– Magnetic contacts

– Override keypad

– Patient wrist tag

– Power supply

Simple to Install
Installation can be performed by any experienced electrician or security/alarm technician

Resident or Patient Escort Option
Wanderers can be escorted through the protected door by staff members without triggering the Elpas Door Kit’s alert intervention functionality

Intelligent Alarm
Only sounds when a wanderer has gone through the protected door without an authorized staff member escort

Adaptative to Resident/Patient Population Size
New tags can be added to the basic Elpas Door Kit installation without risk to patient safety

Scalable Solutions
From single-door, stand-alone safety solutions to networked, enterprise wide unified risk mitigation and asset tracking solutions

Internationally Safety Compliant
CE, FCC, and IC compliant

You can also tag your possessions
The ARN Door Kit not only protects individuals but also allows you to tag and protect valuable assets, minimizing the risk of theft or unauthorized removal. By leveraging your investment you can better protect these assets and reduce shrinkage and labor costs.

Monitored items could include:
– Computer equipment

– Expensive plant equipment

– Personal belongings

– Patient care devices

ARN Patient Flow also supports easy integration with other Elpas Safety, Security and Visibility Solutions as well as legacy systems and processes. The solution helps hospital decision makers monitor and analyze key performance indicators and gain a better understanding of the steps that can be taken to increase patient throughput.