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Patient Flow Solutions

Patient flow solutions

Enhancing patient throughput in hospitals with ARN RTLS

ARN Patient Flow is an RTLS Safety, Security and Visibility Solution that gives hospitals the ability to monitor and analyze how patients are moving through the different stages of care delivery by automatically monitoring their movements and interactions with medical staff and assets. The result can be improved patient care, satisfaction, and an increase in hospital revenue without the need for new building programs, supplemental capital investments or additional workforce expansions.

Patient Flow Solutions

How Patient Flow Works:

At the time of admission, each patient is provided with an ARN Active RFID Patient Tag which transmits real-time location visibility. These tags are used to monitor how patients are moving through the different stages of care delivery, freeing staff from the time consuming task of manual record keeping.

Hospital personnel are provided with automated time stamped dashboard-like snapshots of the current care status of each patient, graphically overlaid onto the relevant floor plan from time of admission until discharge. This information can also be displayed on electronic boards in waiting rooms updating family and friends as to the progress of a patient’s treatment. Additionally, to facilitate better task coordination, automated alerts can also be sent to medical staff allowing them to check on patients waiting for treatment, to update room status, to transfer patients or to issue housekeeping requests.

Patient Flow Solution features:

Hospital wide visibility for:

  • – Supporting nurse station and waiting room display boards
  • – Providing patient direction boards between departments
  • – Locating and identifying missing patients
  • – Indicating patient room status (e.g. available, occupied, requires housekeeping, being cleaned)
  • – Logging patient, staff and asset interactions

Advanced system supervision:

  • – Patient tag and infrastructure supervision includes automatic system alert notifications, audit trails and system logs

Automated alerts for:

  • – Handling patient movement between departments
  • – Notifying medical staff to check on patients still waiting to be seen
  • – Automating room status updates and issuing housekeeping requests
  • – Improving coordination and communication among staff members

Robust reporting tools for:

  • – Identifying operational bottlenecks
  • – Analyzing patient wait times
  • – Evaluating patient-staff-equipment interactions
  • – Optimizing room/bed utilization

Highly scalable tag capacity:

  • – Additional patients can be added at any time without risk

Flexible alert notification output:

  • – Supports paging services, display panels, SMS messages, emails, automated PA announcements and warning messages on computer screens.

Back-end integration:

  • – Supports easy integration with other hospital systems

Easy-to-use software:

  • – Real-time interactive screens for managing patients from admission through discharge

High availability:

  • – Distributed local control ensures ongoing patient monitoring even when network segments or the RTLS server are offline

International safety compliance:

  • – CE, FCC and IC compliant; generates no EMI interference