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Senior Living

Senior Living

senior living

About All Right Now Patient Senior Living solution

Using advanced technology to cost-effectively improve quality of life, and quality of work
Scalable solutions allows you to grow at your business pace and budget needs

Open architecture allows integration of third party applications

Client server architecture provides visibility of operations throughout the facility – at minimum extra cost

Cost-saving over time – reduced insurance premiums, decreased equipment theft and loss

Safety without compromising comfort

Envision a solution without tradeoffs between rapid response to the needs of your residents and their independence; by combining state of the art alert and locating technology with access control solutions, Visonic Technologies (VT) offers solutions designed to facilitate communication and service in Senior Living Environments,†allowing your residents unparalleled quality of life and quality of care.

Your caregivers will have the information they need at their fingertips so the right person can always arrive at the right place – at the right time. Each event is fully documented, providing you with vital information to support your level of service and to ensure accountability.

Comprehensive solutions for senior living environments powered by revolutionary technology
Residents and staff can call for assistance from anywhere in the facility,at any time

Caregivers can be immediately located

Automatic Nurse Presence automatically activates the nurse presence light and closes events when a nurse arrives at call’s location

Detailed reports provide caregivers’ response time for future analysis

Staff is immediately notified upon patients wandering into a pre-defined unsafe area

Access control solutions integrate both active and passive technologies

Completely scalable to adjust to the facility’s needs

Someone’s always just a button touch away
Staff and residents can communicate wherever they are in the facility. When in need of assistance while moving about the facility, residents press the button on their tag to notify caregivers of their identity and exact location. Similarly, staff can request additional assistance by activating their own personal tag.

Once a caregiver responds to a call, the system automatically acknowledges the response and closes the event. Each event is recorded in a database from which historical and statistical reports can be generated – providing your administrators with information to maximize staff response time.
Supervision for wandering patients
Our Wandering Patient solution provides residents requiring close supervision with freedom of movement while alerting staff in real time of patient’s identity and whereabouts, should they wander into an unsafe area. The system can be integrated with elevator control and door-locks to automatically secure nearby exits. We offer a variety of solutions that are completely scalable – our simple door solution is upgradeable to facility-wide coverage – so your system can grow as your needs change.

Access Control
VT’s patented technology uses passive and active badges to identify residents,staff and visitors entering and exiting the facility, which allows you an unprecedented ability to service the varying needs of your residents.

Authorized persons are immediately recognized and your system can respond with the appropriate action. If necessary,your system can be programmed to sound an alert and page appropriate staff when certain residents leave the premises at unauthorized times or if environmental conditions are not favorable. Doors can be programmed to lock at certain hours for the safety of residents and opened on request.