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Wireless Electronic Locks

Wireless Electronic Locks

A recent report by IFSEC suggested that in 10 years’ time most internal locks in business and public buildings will be wireless. There’s even a trend for wireless locks in private homes. Wireless locks can be easily installed to replace traditional key locks (it can be as easy as replacing a cylinder) and installation is much less onerous as they use battery power and require no amendments to the door structure. Where there are undoubtedly issues to be overcome with wireless locks most are perception that it is an expensive option but when you look at the total cost of ownership, the savings can be substantial. For example, in a recent installation of over 1000 locks in a student accommodation block they estimated that the annual savings would be approximately 72% over the wired system when comparing energy use and maintenance together. Please read our document on the benefits of Wireless locks over traditional wired key locks.

RFID Solutions Wireles Electronic locks

Communication hub

A communication hub is the link between Aperio locks and the existing access control system. Suitable for interior doors, particulary pratical for hallways with a number of adjacent corridors. AH30 1-8 Aperio communication hub allows a wireless connection to up to 8 Aperio devices on a single hub.

assa-aperio-L100-with-background edit

L100 High Security Lock

The Aperio L100 lock is an electronically controlled wireless device which not only provides the highest level of physical protection, but also transmits comprehensive information on door status to the access control system. Europrofile, Scandinavian and Finnish range are available. In a new build a plan of the space required for the lock can be provided so the doors come pre-engineered and thus fitting becomes an even simpler task.

E100 escutcheon Edit


A battery powered electronic escutcheon with RFID-Reader with a slim, timeless design. It can be used in all commercially available doors with mechanical locks. The escutcheon can be fitted to almost any door with the number of different sizes and types of locking mechanism available.


C100 Knob cylinders

Easy to fit, battery powered electronic cylinders with RFID readers. These cylinders can be used on drugs’ cabinets or other cupboards simply by replacing the existing standard lock with the C100 cylinder which comes in all the standard profiles.


Glass Door Solution

An architectural glass solution with Aperio escutcheons. Modern glass meeting rooms and office doors can now be equipped with wireless access control devices while maintaining aesthetics.

assa-aperio-KS100-server-cabinet-lock edit

Server Cabinet Lock

It is often now no longer enough to have access control to the server room. Particularly in shared access environments you want to know who accessed the server and when. This lock will fit most server cabinets and gives you the audit trail. All these locks can easily be integrated with your CCTV system to provide additional verification of who accessed the door without and in the event of failed access who tried to access the door with the necessary credentials.



In combination with online readers / doors it is possible to install additional doors with Aperio Offline devices – all access rights are stored on RFID credentials via the access control system. This is useful for e.g riser cupboards, safes or other portable devices which are not ever or permanently in the range of the online wireless signal.